UI / UX Design

Since 2007 I have been involved with user interface and user experience design in one form or another.  Sometimes it is with video game development, sometimes it’s with corporate software and mobile apps.  No matter what the relationship, it is always fun. Below is a blog where I post some of the happenings in my UX design experience. From short stories, to videos and images, you can see what I am about here:

Made Some UI Design Elements With Sketch 3

I've been eyeballing Sketch for a couple years now as a potential quality tool for UI design. I have been using Adobe Illustrator ever since the death of Fireworks. It has done the job but I have always felt it wasn't very optimized for UI design. I recently watched some tutorials and taught myself Sketch 3 by making this little mock music app.  Sketch really does seem to take the features I actually use in AI and then add a bunch of features I would like to see in AI (specifically for UX design). I have to say I will probably be using Sketch 3 as my core UI design software in the future.  At least until I move on to something with the potential to animate really well.